We offer a multitude of watering options which come in various sizes and shapes and offer a variety of characteristics. Therefore, we are regularly inquired which backyard hose is most beneficial. Nevertheless, the solution isn’t so simple, as there’s no ‘one size suits all’ remedy. What works the best for you will depend on the size of the location in which you’ll be utilizing your garden hose, what you’ll make use of the hose for and where you’ll shop it, together with your price range. But in terms of the hose itself, there are 3 issues you should consider:
Standard Hose Thread

1. Length – Longer will not be far better
To give oneself a concept of the size needed, calculate from the garden and envision just how far you’ll be unwinding the hose to water all areas; you’ll then give yourself a greater possibility of choosing the right duration. We offer our standard 12mm Retracting Hose Reels in 20m and 30m measures and our Hi-Stream 14mm Retracting Hose Reel in 25m. It may be luring to buy the greatest hose to cover away every single watering circumstance you could run into but think hard!

Not only can an extended hose set you back much more, but they’re also weightier to maneuver, be more difficult to empty before putting away and can result in reduced water pressure emerging from the squirt conclusion. Therefore, you should only choose the 30m alternative if you have that much space to cover.

When identifying the right period of hose for the garden, you’ll wish to appraise the farthest distance out of your faucet and get a hose that should go just beyond that. You don’t are interested to buy the precise dimension as any tug on the hose to stretch will likely trigger snags and harm over time. If you want a for a longer time hose size than 30m, consider purchasing two Superflex Hoses and becoming a member of them with each other, only when you really need to visit past 30m. That way, you’re not hauling around a long, hefty garden hose constantly. Our hoses all arrive pre-equipped using a Hoselink no-burst Hose Connector at both end, which makes them easy to connect with a basic ‘point and twist’ manoeuvre, which leads to a completely watertight relationship.

For those who have a Retractable Hose Reel, you may decide to take into account getting yet another Bracket & Faucet Connector, enabling you to transfer your reel between more than one area, i.e. the front and back yard. Just bear in mind the weight of the reel, since they range between 9.45kg to 13.95kg without any water within the hose.

2. Hose Diameter – Thickness = water stream
We market garden hoses using a diameter of 12mm and Retracting Hose Reels with a selection of both 12mm or 14mm in diameter. These measurements are derived from the internal diameter from the hose, not the exterior, and the larger the size, the greater water the hose can transport.

A hose thickness of 12mm is usually probably the most practical and most common back garden hose size, and you’ll discover that it’s a great blend of water stream and strain without having to be too heavy. Nearly all hoses marketed by Hoselink are 12mm.

The only 14mm hose right now we market will be the 25m Hi there-Flow Retracting Hose Reel within both beige and charcoal colors. This hose is the perfect option for those with reduced water pressure at their property but would nevertheless enjoy having a retractable hose. Frequently with Retractable Hose Reels, there exists a minor decline in water strain; this happens because the hose is coiled up in the reel’s outer shell, which means the water has more to travel to reach the sprayer than it might with a typical backyard hose. The Hi there-Flow Reel is designed to offer a increased stream of water, supplying far better pressure all round.

3. Flexibility – Kinking
Kinking is most likely one of the very frustrating things a hose can do, and it should go hand in hand with how adaptable your hose is. The softer and more adaptable the hose, the more vulnerable it really is to kink.

Our Retracting Hose Reels seldom kink, not merely because of the high-quality, tough materials they’re produced from but due to how you will use them. You will generally only pull out the duration of hose needed for the job available then retract it back again within when you complete watering. This ought to indicate a little chance of kinking. The hose in the reel continues to be developed especially for kztiky use with an auto-rewind reel; therefore, it is smoother than some of our other backyard hoses to allow it to rewind nicely. A typical backyard hose can not be installed in our Retracting Hose Reel as it would not rewind correctly.

Alternatively, our Superflex Hose offered independently or with our Metal Hose Reel Package or Cart, includes a kink-opposition rating of 9 away from 10 and has a heavier, stronger wall than most standard back garden hoses.

The correct garden hose could make any watering process a delight. Our variety of quality hoses comes in various lengths and options to make sure you find the right one to meet your requirements. Feel comfortable knowing that no matter what kind you select, you’ll be receiving a watering answer that’s created long lasting, particularly for Australian problems, and will come pre-installed with Hoselink’s no-burst open, no-drip Hose Connections.

Below are a few key points about every choice to assist you make a decision:

Retractable Hose Reel
The perfect watering answer for just about any passionate gardener! Hoselink’s Retracting Hose Reel is really a wall-mounted hose storage unit having a higher-top quality spring season-loaded hose inside.

To use the reel, just move the hose in the market to the preferred length and pause, allowing the ‘stop-anywhere’ sealing mechanism to secure the hose into place. All that should be done to extend the hose is to stroll it out to anywhere you have to water. Once you’ve finished watering, gently tug the hose to participate the automatic rewind system, and the incorporated personal-layering process perfectly coils the hose into the reel as you stroll it rear.

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