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One of the most vital elements of your kegerator distribute system is CO2, carbon dioxide. To make sure an ideal pour each time, your Carbon dioxide tank has to be governed, enhanced, and properly set up. Whether it is the first kegerator or you have to make alterations in your existing kegerator set up, we have now you engrossed in what you need to know to achieve the ideal pour.

Co2 Inline Regulator

CO2 may be dangerous! Please exercise caution and always follow these steps:

* Constantly link the Carbon dioxide gas cylinder towards the reducing device or regulator. Failure to do this could result in an blast with possible loss of life or injury if the tube valve is opened up.

* Never ever link the gasoline cylinder directly to the keg.

* Constantly secure the gasoline tube in the “vertical” position.

* Always keep gas cylinders far from heat.

* Never drop or throw a CO2 gas tube.

* Constantly ventilate after CO2 seepage.

* Check the D.O.T. (Division of Transport) check date located on the throat in the cylinder prior to installation. If more than 5 (5) years, tend not to use and come back the gasoline tube for the gas supplier.

* Never ever link a product container unless the two main (2) security mechanisms in the pressure system.

* One at or around the Carbon dioxide regulator (the regulator supplied should be inclusive of such a security mechanism).

* One at or around the product box coupler or perhaps in the pressure gasoline line (the keg coupler needs to be inclusive of these a security system).

* If it becomes hard to breathe and your brain begins to ache, abnormal levels of co2 might be existing in the region. Near the main device on the CO2 cylinder leaving the space instantly.

* Gas cylinders should be stored in the coolest area of the business, ideally at 70 levels, and safely fastened in the upright place before the primary regulator is attached to the cylinder.

Just How Do I KNOW WHAT PRESSURE MY Carbon dioxide Is Defined TO?

A regulator is a vital part of a kegerator distribute system, assisting monitor your CO2 pressure. You will find single measure regulators or double measure regulators, which connect to air line and study the pressure of the tank.

Having a solitary gauge regulator, the display will display only your CO2 pressure. Having a double measure regulator, you need to look at the measure that shows a range of -60 PSI (pounds for each square inch). To see your oeztin in the regulator, you will see an arrow point out your current CO2 pressure in PSI.


Dependant upon the beer you happen to be helping your CO2 tank pressure will vary. Most American breweries recommend a pressure among 10-14 PSI. In the event you aren’t advised on the pressure through the dark beer maker or possibly it’s your very own homebrew, it is recommended to start dispensing at 10 PSI and modify accordingly until you achieve the perfect pour.